My embryonic fellow – Peter Micallef-Eynaud

I know that the anguished cry of our fellow embryonic human beings (April 24) is being heard by others too. There are those who do not hear it and will not hear. They block their ears and endo-secrete morphine into their moribund conscience.

There are those who do not see a human embryo as human and will not see. They cover their eyes (the childish gesture) and bury their head in the sand (the sand of their own petty – and party – interests and public approval, even adulation). They do not want to perceive the truth.

There are those who may well hear and see but are struck dumb by cowardice and/or slavery to the lie.

One need not be a moral theologian (as I am) to perceive and acknowledge the truth (absolute, immutable, not subject to, nor influenced by, anything or anyone). Honest reasoning would bring the honest person to the conclusion that the very concept of mores and ethics is related to the existence of truth that is out of reach of meddling hands.

This is alien to someone schooled in post-modernistic relativism with their “your truth/my truth” nonsense. Deception, distraction and diversion characterise their modus operandi. The hijacking of meaning, Humpty Dumpty style, is a hallmark of their philosophy.

“When I say a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, “it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less” (Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

These, with devilish determination, will drive roughshod over you and/or will plunge their putrid death-dealing policies down your throat, while screaming that they are being imposed upon. Oh, the lie!

One need not be a doctor (as I am) to acknowledge the embryonic human being. Honest, logical reasoning will bring you to it, and any honest mother will teach you.

I know that I am in very good company in being appalled by the barbaric aggression and insult (which is what embryo freezing is), inflicted on my embryonic fellow human beings – this by my professional brothers, we who are privileged with the trust and faith of our fellow human beings to heal (physiologically, psychologically and spiritually) but first and foremost and fundamentally, to do no harm.

Need I spell it out? If you must count infertility as a disease, nevertheless you may not treat that disease of your patient by assaulting the life of another.

This is the fundamental principle. Oh that word again!

In our profession, we are fundamentalists. The “do no harm” rule trumps all other claims of benefit. Those seeking to procure a child through a procedure that involves embryo freezing must be clearly taught what this entails along with details of survivability and the quality of life expected on thawing. Moreover, explanation and justification must be made to the procurer as to whom is sent to the freezer.

Let the doctor be reminded of the noble, sacred ethos of his art; he is not a salesman nor a technician. The public needs to know that there is a very lucrative business in babies: embryo factories and banks for the harvesting of stem cells, organs etc. Indeed he will bear special responsibility for this barbarism. I plead with doctors concerned: desist.

Let all those who, in any way, aid and abet embryo freezing be aware that they are complicit in the act and its effect.

Let members of Parliament be aware that any vote of theirs that leads to legalising/decriminalising embryo freezing know that ultimately they will have to answer to God not only for the barbaric, inhuman act and its effects but also for the fact that this facilitates the legalising/decriminalising of abortion. That is not the end of this serpent.

Due to the commodifying of human beings, eventually no one unable to defend oneself would be safe in hospital.

Let the bishops lead their priests in preaching these aforementioned truths from the pulpit. If you do not use it, you shall lose it. Failure to do so places their own souls in jeopardy.

Let anyone who feels hurt by what I have written try very, very hard to turn his gaze away from his navel and consider someone else and then, humanity. Keep trying very, very hard to recognise the hurt, insult and injury (physical, psychological, spiritual) inflicted on their human embryonic fellow by that inhuman act of embryo freezing.

Then they are to keep trying very, very hard to realise that the inhuman act of embryo freezing declares “open day” to other acts of inhumanity (abortion, euthanasia… eugenics).

I shall not be distracted nor deflected by red herrings thrown about nor straw men set up, being a former military officer, I recognise these for what they are: feint attacks and smokescreens and dummy targets. By the way, if you are not a fundamentalist then you are a superficialist, a trivialist and a subjectivist – a pathetic character.

As for religion, well everyone has a soul that adheres to religion. Mine is the Catholic faith, yours may be the “Me-first-and-über-alles” faith. You bring your religion into your stand point, as you must, as do I. Here is God’s word for those Catholic claimants, who fail to witness to Christ: “Whoever denies Me before others I will deny before My Father.” (Mt 10, 33). I am focused on the incoming cruise missile: the Maltese government’s proposed legislation on IVF/embryo freezing. Unless this proposed legislation is voted out of Parliament, this ‘missile’ will blast the way wide open for the reign of Inhumanity.

In summary:

The embryo is denied its inherent and intrinsic humanity. The embryo is not acknowledged as a human being, but counted as a thing (a blob of cells), the property of another person or entity. Embryos, then are not counted as “untermenschen” but as “nicht-menschen”, not servile persons but non-persons.

The arbitrary withdrawal of human status, dignity and rights could then be applied to any stage in the life cycle.

The dehumanised being, stripped of humanity, becomes an object, a commodity, a resource and, probably, a medical cobbler’s plaything.

With eugenics the human race becomes the play thing.

Would that anyone who has the Prime Minister’s ear spell this out to him and would that the Prime Minister do the honourable thing and stop in his tracks.                                                                                     

Peter Micallef-Eynaud is a medical doctor, theologian and former military officer.

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