Speech given at Oratory of St. John’s Co-Cathedral on the occasion of International Day of Life – 5th February 2017

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I would like to thank Mr. Tony Mifsud for honouring me with his invitation to address this distinguished gathering on behalf of Life Network Malta in this magnificent oratory of such great significance.

 First of all, I would like to pay tribute to Mr. Mifsud whose remarkable energy in working for the common good and for so many years is truly remarkable.

 As we all know, life flourishes in a wholesome and healthy environment.

Society has a grave responsibility to do its utmost to safeguard and protect clean air, safe water supplies, sound and harmonious housing planning etc., etc., etc.

That is why the laws of our land curb pollution, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and legislate on waste management… just to mention a few examples.

However, and above all, the most critical environment for life is that at its earliest stages… life in the womb.

That is why, Tony Mifsud has focussed with such commitment … one could say with so much passion, on the ecology of the womb where life is at its most vulnerable.

Our own NGO, Life Network Malta… set up recently, endorses his invaluable work and mission to raise public awareness on the vital importance of this issue.

Here I would like to pay tribute to other organizations such as Gift of Life of Paul Vincenti who are working in favour of life.

Sadly, in Malta, due to cultural changes in our values, the security of life in the womb is now under threat as never before.

Besides the negative extraneous factors such as environmental pollution due to chemicals entering the woman’s system, we are now facing dangers we bring about ourselves… self-inflicted …due to behaviour patterns that damage the ecology of the womb.

We know that incipient life suffers when mother smoke, ingest alcohol or take drugs. Worse still, an increasing tendency to promiscuity is leading to the spread of debilitating Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Besides damaging the embryo and the foetus, their negative impact on women have led to pain, infection, sterility and cancer.

It is most distressing to note that we seem to be taking the wrong-headed approach to such a grave issue that has proved so disastrous elsewhere.

We must recognize the impact of sexual behaviour on the integrity of the womb.

The time honoured pillars that uphold Human Dignity and revered chastity and faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman have been abandoned and we are facing the consequences with the sharp rise in teenage pregnancies, the spread of sexually transmitted disease and broken families.

Yet the greatest threat to the womb ecology is the deliberate destruction of life itself.

In Malta we take pride that in our life is protected from conception to natural death and that abortion is illegal.

Unfortunately, we have seen repeated attempts to change this situation. As a foundation in favour of life, we are very concerned at the manner in which the Morning After Pill was introduced in Malta when it is scientifically proven that is often an abortifacient.

Who will bear the political responsibility for this decision?

As a movement we expect an answer to this question.

We regret that the recommendations of Conjoint Parliamentary Committee have been ignored.

We insist that the debate is re-opened again.

We have scientific experts of international standing who are prepared and ready to give evidence on this.

Flushing embryos down the toilet so as to indulge in irresponsible sexual behaviour is surely the most destructive behaviour one can indulge in.

I therefore take advantage of this opportunity to make an impassioned appeal to the people in authority and people of influence to change tack.

Let us fight for what is best for our young people, especially young women, the mothers of tomorrow so as to make them aware of their dignity, of the sacredness of the tabernacle of life that is their womb, and the miracle of conception and pregnancy.

As our President [Marie Louise Coleiro Preca] had said at this occasion held last year: – While I wish the Malta Unborn Child Movement (MUCM), to continue working to promote the ‘wellbeing’, even of the baby when still in the womb, and I wish them every success in their goals, to continue serve as a voice for the child who has no voice.”

I conclude by warning that the curse of abortion is on the threshold of our country.

The future and authentic well-being of society and future generations depends on you.

Do not reject this opportunity of such grave importance.

May the Holy Spirit touch your hearts and illuminate minds.

Thank you.

Klaus Vella Bardon

Vice Chairman


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