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Celebrating All Women on Women’s Day

The gift of a woman including her skills, intuition, nurturing, talents and maternity need to be appreciated daily. On the 8th of March, annually, we pay tribute to women. On this day, the world stops and gives women coming from all walks of life, ages, races, nationalities, cultures, and social backgrounds the acknowledgement and merit they deserve.

Life Network Foundation Malta joins in the celebration of all women from conception to natural death. This year, we are restricted to celebrating online.

We have messages from Pro-Life women which we will be broadcasting via social media.

Empowering pregnant women is part of our mission.

Last year, through our support branch Life Line, we had the privilege to assist women who were facing crisis pregnancies. The women chose life and we celebrate saving the lives of over 30 babies. 

We are horrified to see that in 2021, with the equality battle cry full on, sex-selective abortion in other countries still leads to the death of millions of babies. A five-year study by the publication Down to Earth shows that almost 23.1 million females are missing due to sex-selective abortions in 12 Asian and European countries. Generations of women are being wiped out before they take their first breath, depriving us of mothers, sisters, nurses, teachers, doctors, scientists and explorers.

Let us, therefore, celebrate all women on women’s day – including the baby girl in the womb – who is the woman of tomorrow.


Happy Women’s Day!

Life Network Foundation Malta



Click here to view our video clip with messages from Pro-Life women celebrating Women’s Day https://fb.watch/45vcXw50Y7/

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