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Dr Sciberras,

Thank you for your email and for sharing your concern with me.

First of all I would like to invite you to see the whole interview
which has now been published and in which my comments were very
clear. My comment was that if this pill is being approved by the
Parliamentary Committee then it seems illogical to me that a doctor
prescription is required.

To answer your questions, yes I have gone through scientific
literature, particularly also what the World Health Organisation
says on the matter (pg2):


To avoid any misunderstanding and to avoid a situation where anyone
would twist my arguments, may I emphasise that I feel strongly about
abortion, have always voiced this and have always voted against any
clauses on abortion at European Legislative level in my capacity as
a Member of the European Parliament.

I would not ask anyone what “authority they have” to speak out on
different matters. We live in an open democratic society where yes,
people do express their opinions. I trust people to inform
themselves, and take the best decisions for their own wellbeing.

Kind regards,


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