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Life Line Malta Crisis Pregnancy Support  

Being in a crisis pregnancy, finding yourself alone, lost and not knowing what to do or nowhere to turn to is no easy task.

At Life Line Malta (within Life Network Foundation), we offer support through our help line 20330023 and our 24/7 online chat on www.lifelinemalta.eu.

All calls and chats are kept confidential and anonymous. Life Line Malta crisis pregnancy support has opened its doors in 2018 and has been offering help by being there for the mother, the father and their families in any support that is needed. Our professional counselors and skilled listeners are ready and available to help you if you are facing a crisis pregnancy, a negative diagnosis or trying to find healing after an abortion. In the years that Life Line Malta has been operating we assisted mothers from different ages, background and cultures. Life Line Malta is ready to help anyone who is in need of our services and support. Our aim is to empower women during and after their pregnancy, with the ultimate goal to help them grow into becoming a better woman and mother.

Since its inception, Life Line Malta has offered its support to over a hundred families, who in some way or another needed emotional help or material help.

In 2020, Life Line Malta saved 30 babies, which is the equivalent to two kindergarten classes.


The 24/7 online chat assists and supports women in need. A team of skilled listeners are available through our helpline to give continuous guidance. A vital cornerstone in our support services is the counselling branch, through our dedicated counsellor who walks alongside and supports all the mothers, fathers and family throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth. Together with the team and the counsellor we walk the whole journey with the family.

Dar Tgħanniqa T’Omm offers shelter to mothers in a crisis pregnancy right up to the child’s first birthday. On the 22nd of January 2021 the shelter celebrated its second year of operation. The aim of the shelter is for the mother and child to seek residence with us. In the time the mother would be residing at ‘Dar Tgħanniqa T’Omm’, our staff together with the help of our volunteers would be there to support and assist the mother in all that she needs prior to the baby’s birth and also after the child is born.

At Life Line Malta, through its progamme ‘SaveOne post abortion healing’, we also offer an effective healing process to women, men, and couples as well as family members who are carrying the pain of an abortion in their life.



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