Life Network First Pro-Life Event

Ms Aisling Hubert, a member of Abort67, was the guest speaker of an educational pro-life event organised by Life Network. The aim of this event was to show the implications of allowing abortion in Malta as well as educating students about the value of life.

The First Pro-Life Event

The event, the first public event organised by the Life Network, was a huge success where it attracted a very good number of University students, Medical students and members from the political community. Over 70 people attended this educational programme which was held on the 24th September at the PKI Institute in Floriana.

The Programme

Ms Hubert’s programme talked of topics relating to generating awareness of the abortion genocide, the situation of abort with respect to Malta and educating students on the arguments in favour of life. Throughout the presentation videos, images and arguments were brought to light with much passion by the guest speaker, that left everyone who attended with a new awareness.

Genocide of Abortion

One of main aspects discussed was that abortion has become the greatest genocide ever in history. With twice the amount of babies aborted annually than people lost in World War II, the situation is very critical. Malta, having kept the illegality of abortion intact, is still resilient in the face of this age discrimination mass murder but the country has to be careful as forces are pushing to throw the last EU country into the abortion pit.

A Choice Of Arguments

Abortion is validated by Pro-Choice and Planned Parenthood advocates with a great number of arguments. Ms Aisling Hubert dismantled them all and she argues that in the face of the miracle of life no arguments stand strong. By finding common ground (in being empathic with the people facing the choice of abortion), giving comparisons and asking questions one can look beyond arguments that favour the murder of the unborn child.

Lack of Awareness

One of the main aspects pointed out was that people do not have the full picture of what abortion is and what is happening. People need clear examples and graphic images to actually show the horrors of abortion. Ms Hubert advocated the use of graphic images which are the real truth behind abortion.

Finally the event was a great opportunity for the pro-life organisation to come together and meet. Bringing different people from different ages, mentalities, occupation and political creed, the huge success of this event is a testament to Malta’s stand in the face of abortion. 

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  1. Heard about you from Christian Concern. May the Good Lord Jesus be with you in –this ‘LIFE’S’ work.

  2. Heard about your good work from Christian Concern . May the Good Lord Jesus be with you in –this ‘LIFE’S ‘ work

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