Afraid of Maltese babies being killed

Of course, and with good reason:  the children of Malta are being targeted. The purposefully misnamed Women’s Rights Foundation (WRF) is taking aim at Maltese children in the womb, lying in wait for the opportunity to use lethal weapons against them. But not merely lying in wait – they are also conspiring against Malta’s greatest natural resource: its children.

They devise schemes to commit violence within the bodies of pregnant women – in the name of ‘women’s rights’, yet could not be more hypocritical.

Dimitrijevic and Dibben of WRF want access to Maltese children in schools in order to “start a discussion” of their end goals, and in their recent article chide: “What are you afraid of?”

They want to promote a scheme of genocide to schoolchildren and have the audacity to ask such a question – like the Big Bad Wolf posing the same inquiry to Little Red Riding Hood.

There is much to fear…

Today, Malta is a nation which is morally superior because violence is not employed as a solution. Instead, Malta responds with real healthcare that heals, not kills, and doctors can maintain a respectable profession which honors their Hippocratic oath to do no harm.

In a civilised society, killing is not a morally acceptable solution to suffering. But abortion advocates couch their deadly plan in terms of “reproductive rights”, “difficult decisions” and “treatment proscribed” as a means of ending suffering.

If you are pregnant, then you’ve already reproduced, and the premeditated slaughter of another living human being is not “treatment”. Josef Mengele, who experimented on Jewish children as “treatment”, would be proud to hear such language employed – just as in Iceland, where they recently celebrated having nearly “eradicated” Down’s syndrome. Eradicated? It’s the same terminology the Nazis used.

A culture of death begins with deceit – with phraseology that indeed camouflages itself, initially hiding the true agenda. And then before you know it, you have large segments of generations missing because you turned your land into a killing field of your own flesh and blood, with easy slaughter of the most vulnerable and most innocent.

The same article from WRF also emphasised the lack of rape and incest exceptions in Maltese law. I was conceived in rape. My birth mother tried to kill me at two illegal abortion clinics and made it clear she would have succeeded in aborting me if it had been legal.

I owe my birth to the law which protected me, just as the women and children of Malta are protected today. And now, my birth mother is thankful we were both spared from the horror of abortion.

I did not deserve the death penalty for the crimes of my biological father. I don’t see WRF advocating for the death penalty for rapists, only the innocent child. It is barbaric to punish a baby for the crimes of another. Rapists, child molesters and sex traffickers love abortion. It protects and enables them to continue their exploitation.

WRF claim they care for their own gender, yet I’m a woman and they wish me dead. I don’t feel the love.

Furthermore, abortion is being proposed in the name of women’s rights, but worldwide, women are losing their voices because it is primarily females who are being slaughtered.

Watch the film The Three Deadliest Words in the World: It’s a Girl ( The massive gendercide we are witnessing throughout Asia, spreading into much of the rest of the world, has led to an increase in sex trafficking, abduction of little girls, a decrease in education of females and the underrepresentation of women in the public sphere.

Women are coerced not only into aborting but are “choosing” to abort their daughters, bringing suffering to their own gender.

But WRF suggests we pro-lifers are the ones blind to the plight of women. To be pro-woman is to be pro-life.

Please, I urge the good people of Malta, do not allow the voices of death to win. Do not allow the blood of innocent Maltese children to be spilled on your soil.

Rebecca Kiessling is an attorney, president of the global pro-life organisation Save the 1 and co-founder of Hope After Rape Conception.

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