Defend common good – Klaus Vella Bardon

Being the PRO of the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality, the over-reaction of Paula Cauchi to the stand of the Times of Malta in defending marriage and the family is predictable.

What is also predictable is her use of ridiculous slogans such as reactionary and populist so as to denigrate fundamental values that the Times of Malta rightly defends.

Quite probably, the government is irked by the fact that this newspaper is alert and able to expose its dishonest and Machiavellian tactics in order to curry favour with the LGBTIQ lobby. The concluding statement in the editorial of February 6 says that a government should administer for the common good and not for interest groups that could keep it in power. It hits the nail on the head and says it all.

Also, no doubt the editorial (March 26) referring to Helena Dalli’s behaviour at the UN where she bragged about fooling the electorate over the intended implications of equality, must be doubly galling. The editorial exposes changes being imposed top downwards on an unsuspecting and indolent electorate is anything but democratic and in the country’s interest.

No amount of statistics and high-sounding words can change the truth about man and woman. Neither the Labour Party nor the Nationalist Party created the reality that the human family is based on the free and responsible commitment of a man and a woman to live together in a relationship open to life.

By their very nature, homosexual relationships are sterile, so any claims to equality are totally misplaced. Lesbian or homosexual acts can never be equivalent to sexual activity between a man and woman.

As written in a brilliant essay on ‘Gay Marriage’ published in the New Oxford Review in 2012, Monica Migliorino Miller said: “Legal recognition of homosexual bonds as marital bonds ultimately means that gender, human sexuality, being a husband or a wife, motherhood and fatherhood have no objective moral meaning.

“This also means that the family itself has no objective moral meaning. The moral law rooted in nature is completely dissolved. There would no longer be any natural familial moral bonds, thus no longer any natural moral ties and thus no innate moral responsibilities arising from the very nature of the family.”

Sadly, the state we are in is rooted in the trivialisation of sex initiated by the culture of contraception over 50 years ago that has led to rampant promiscuity, widespread infidelity, the general lowering of morality and the loss of respect for women fuelled by pornography that has reduced them to being treated as glorified soft toys, instruments of selfish enjoyment rather than as beloved companions.

The fact that more and more people endorse the current state of affairs and that all our MPs with the solitary principled exception of Edwin Vassallo voted in favour of the so called ‘equality’ agenda, does not change the truth by one iota.

Cauchi, in a cheap attempt to mock the truth, chose to quote Marine Le Pen who rightly echoed timeless realities when she warned that any law on same-sex marriage would “undermine the very foundations of our civilisation and the structures that protect family life”.

The not-so-subtle orchestrated campaign to introduce abortion follows the same deceitful pattern adopted on ‘gay rights’. The introduction of the abortive morning-after pill under the guise of it being falsely portrayed as a contraceptive is a case in point.

The loyal readers of the Times of Malta thank it for its repeated editorial stand in its spirited defence of the common good by defending life and the family, the institution that is the only guarantor of freedom and democracy.

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