Gay ‘marriage’ by Prof. Patrick Pullicino

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been said to have adopted a “poisonous form of radical moral liberalism” in championing the cause of gay ‘marriage’ in the UK. The same can now be said of the Maltese Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition.

Why is it that politicians in Western countries are falling over each other to bring in gay ‘marriage’ without an electoral mandate and when it is clearly against the wishes of the majority and will only affect a small minority of the population? Endorsing gay ‘marriage’ as a form or equivalent of marriage betrays complete confusion as to what marriage is. Politicians should have the intellect to realise how seriously damaging the introduction of gay ‘marriage’ is to society, the family and most importantly of all to children.

Leading politicians who personally bring in gay ‘marriage’ bear personal responsibility before God for ravaging their own societies and attempting to destroy the family. Make no mistake about it, this is what legislation of gay ‘marriage’ would facilitate.

Marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman, blessed by God for the good of the spouses and for the procreation of children and their education. The lifelong commitment is necessary to provide a secure environment for the bringing up of children.

Divorce has already pushed much suffering on children for the sake of parents’ selfishness and becomes more likely if God is left out of marriage. Gay ‘marriage’ in which procreation is impossible and the body anatomy is used for what it was never created is nothing but a grotesque caricature of marriage.

The love between spouses in a true Catholic marriage is modelled on the love within the Holy Trinity and parents have a deep responsibility to use marriage to raise children and bring them to God. The Catholic family is the heart of society.

Malta, with the great love there is for children, should be the last place in the world in which the family and children are threatened in this way.

Professor Patrick Pullicino is a member of Life Network



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