Keeping up appearances – Steve Pace

There is always a lesson to be learnt in anything in life. The outcome of Ireland’s referendum was no surprise. As I said to someone, a win for the No vote would have probably made me believe in miracles.

The celebrations are an expression of relief by all those who favoured the repeal of the eighth amendment of the constitution. It was an easy choice and the people in their majority voted for it. They know that the burden of choice is now on those who will commit abortion. They will not have to work on their own ideology to attempt to provide any feasible solution to difficult situations. They no longer need to justify the killing of unborn human life.

The State gains, as it now no longer needs to fund support for victims of rape and incest. The State will save itself from shame and save itself the trouble of having to find adequate and ethical solutions to unplanned pregnancies. It has no longer need to justify its own weaknesses.

People do not have to be responsible and do not even need to consider anything before indulging in extra marital affairs. Most people gained from the repeal. It is only a minority which loses and a majority never cares about a silent minority.

Some governments attempt to impede what is not beneficial for the general society, but ultimately the choice is in the hands of democracy. People decide what shape their society takes and people decide who to elect in parliament. What should we learn from this as one of the last remaining countries banning deliberate termination of human life?

We learn that unless perseverance and education work hand in hand with provision of support to difficult cases, the ultimate result will be that abortion will also makes its way into our country.

Politicians have a very strong grip on the people and no matter what religious faith anyone may have, most people will follow political leaders and not their faith or their own minds.

People can be manipulated to exchange their strongest values and principles for anything which might give them the illusion of providing an easier way out. Most people will not commit themselves to defining what is beneficial to society and will ultimately avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

The postmodern ideology removes the burden of responsibility. This is why it is gaining momentum and winning. This is what the liberal lobby group is attempting to entrench in our brains. It is attempting to manipulate us into believing that postmodernism is the way to go.

Yet it is simply eroding our decision-making rights by taking them away from our hands as one society and putting them in the hands of those few people enriching themselves from the lucrative business of killing unborn human beings.

Every single decision we take must be well formulated, and researched. We simply cannot afford to take decisions that will be regretted in future

They want us to give up our responsibilities towards our future children and leave the choice whether they are born or not in the hands of planned parenthood. They want us to give each individual the power to decide who lives and who dies. The power to decide when to terminate our own life in euthanasia, and the power to decide against all natural odds whether to have children or not.

They are effectively attempting to override natural selection, which happens to be the best way of forming healthy new future generations without compromising its own set of ethical laws, morality and discrimination. The same natural selection that has helped every living species to survive millions of years.

The selection that has allowed evolution to work freely and build a stronger and better species over time. The same natural selection some people call God.

One might argue that this is indeed what we should be aspiring towards. Should we just let everything be decided by nature and not develop our scientific research and not allow ourselves to overrule the “mistakes” nature does? We argue that nature is not perfect and it also discriminates and undermines our rights to determine our future.

Every single decision we take must be well formulated, and researched. We simply cannot afford to take decisions that will be regretted in future. We must attempt to stay one step behind and not one step ahead of natural progress and allow ourselves time to see the effects of a decision we will take by seeing what other countries are going through and how their society has been affected.

Every ideology has its faults. The postmodern ideology is no exception and although it seems to be perfect, it is creating a new form of discrimination. It is not institutionalised as it was, perhaps in Africa and in many other countries. This is much finer and tweaked to resemble freedom of choice. The power to decide how the future Arian race will look like is no longer in the hands of a couple of individuals, but in the hands of the people creating the future generations. Where does this all leave the pro-life movement? Should we just give up?

Absolutely not. If anything this referendum gives us a great opportunity to analyse and reflect on what needs to be done in order to save our future generations from the misery postmodernism will bestow upon them. It is time that those who are really concerned about the future, take one step back, regroup and discuss a rational logical strategy to help people understand the real implications of terminating human unborn life.

The various pro-life organisations must join forces and in their own diversity deliver the message and reach out to all sectors of society.

Having said this, I must say that I feel that all efforts will be wasted if the local government decides to opt in for abortion. The IVF amendments revealed to us, yet again, how volatile people’s conscience is. There is no church that will help, no god will save the unborn.

There is only the politician in parliament who is the only deterministic factor, which will decide what happens in present and most importantly in the future.

Those celebrating are no victims of abortion. They are simply victims of manipulative, decadent politicians who have just two items on their agenda: money and feeding off the power people give them to help sustain their megalomaniac narcissist egos.

Steve Pace is a strategic thinker.


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