Life Network Foundation Malta concerned about MEPs comments on MAP

Life Network Foundation Malta has sent an email with the following questions to Dr Roberta Metsola and Dr Miriam Dalli after their public statement.

Dear Dr Metsola/Dr Dalli

I was following the ‘breaking news’ about your comments on the morning after pill – that this is contraception. I am sorry to inform you that this is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE.

I want ask how you came to that conclusion. Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Did you read the scientific literature?

Look at one article at least , and see pg 3 last paragraph. What is your comment now?


2. Did you know that the ACOG changed the definition of pregnancy in 1965 as to starting after implantation ie 12-15 days after fertilization?

This means ignoring human embryonic life in the first two weeks of life.

Most European and American bodies like FIGO, WHO and others use this definition because they are pro-abortion and the life of the embryo is not important to them. But in Malta we protect life from conception.That is why we are saying that MAP has mostly an abortifacient effect because we include the first two weeks of life.

3. What is your comment to this fact please?

4. On what basis did you feel you had the authority to make such a public statement ?

Hoping that you will reply to this e mail

Dr Miriam Sciberras
Life Network Foundation Malta


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  1. I pledge not to vote for any politician from any party who supports the introduction of the MAP, and more so, its sale over the counter.

  2. I would have expected both of these women to talk diffrently after all they are both mothers.

  3. We have to have a clear declaration from each prospective candidate for the upcoming General Election regarding the issue of abortion and vote only for those who value life from conception.

  4. No matter how much I agree with any politician about any other issue, I will still fight his/her election to represent me if he/she doesn’t respect and protect life from beginning to end!

  5. The MEP’s comments disturb me. It is a sign of the times…politicians who talk mouthfuls and lacking a moral conscience.

  6. It is scandalous that our representatives do not make the effort to inform themselves before they shoot their mouth.
    Especially…. when the sacrosanct value of life is at stake.

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