Malta Furious with Council of Europe by Deborah M. Piroch

Abortion Has No Business in Malta

Abortion is illegal in Malta and the populace plans to keep it that way. In fact, before the country  joined the European Union (EU), it received assurances that the nation would not be pressured to legalize abortion. Now the Council of Europe is interjecting itself into Maltese affairs.

Now pro-life Maltese are furious, and rightly so. February 27th Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, published an opinion piece in The Times of Malta, pontificating that Maltese should have access to abortion. He then proceeded to list examples of past censures by other bodies on other pro-life nations such as Ireland and Poland, to “justify” his argument. And ironically, he speaks of the mother’s “right to life,” but also states: “It is clear to me that this right does not apply prior to birth.”

Council of Europe Powerless

The Council of Europe has no binding power on Malta or other nations. Human Life International stands with The Gift of Life Foundation in Malta, which quickly responded to the non-native Latvian Commissioner’s comments. Gift of Life’s Paul Vincenti:

“This is the second time this year that Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, has attempted to kick start a political debate on legalizing abortion in Malta. Most likely, the new group of radical feminists in Malta that was set up two years ago is attempting to influence our pro-life laws via a coordinated attack on life from various sources internationally. We do expect to see additional attacks on Malta’s pro-life laws from international bodies working in coordination with this radical feminist group.

A recent poll carried out by a local newspaper showed clearly that the Maltese are in their vast majority against the legalization of abortion. A link to this research is available.

We remain confident that this will have no immediate effect on Maltese law. However, we are proactive in thwarting the devastating effects that will come about if we ignore the resolve of pro-abortion movement in Malta.”

HLI Director for International Outreach and Expansion, Dr. Joseph Meaney, just returned from Malta. In the soon-to-be-issued Mission Report for March, he writes:

“After I gave several radio interviews and a public lecture on “pro-life answers to pro-abortion questions”, the prime minister’s office felt compelled to put out a statement that there are no plans to legalize abortion. It further added Maltese public opinion does not favor abortion, nor was there an electoral mandate to change abortion.”

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