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Press release by Life Network Foundation Malta on the Morning After Pill Debate

Life Network Foundation Malta notes the positive consensus that has emerged between Malta’s laws on abortion and the requirement to adhere completely to The Embryo Protection Act.

Life Network Foundation Malta reiterates the fact that life starts at conception. The word ‘abortifacient’, as used by international bodies, deliberately disregards the first two weeks of life prior to implantation, resulting in a play on words that is unfair as well as misleading.

According to the Malta Medicines Act (CAP 458) it is the function of the Licensing Authority, a role taken up by the Superintendent of Public Health, to issue Marketing Authorisations for medicinal products to be placed on the Maltese market. Unless this function is delegated by rules from the Licensing Authority to the Medicines Authority, the only role of the latter is to make recommendations to the Licensing Authority in relation to such licensing.

The superintendent of public health, or the CEO of the Medicines Authority if such powers are delegated to him by the Licensing Authority, is responsible for ensuring that Marketing Authorisations (license) for medicinal products intended for the Malta market comply fully with national legislation.

Therefore, abortion being illegal in Malta, if a license is issued for a MAP in the face of scientific evidence demonstrating its abortifacient properties, the issuing authority – in this case the Superintendent of Public Health – may be deemed guilty of committing a crime.

Life Network Foundation Malta notes the recommendations presented by Parliament through the Joint Health, Social Affairs and Family Affairs committee regarding possible licensing of the morning after pill in Malta, that have acknowledged that:

–   Different types of MAP pills have different modes of action.

–   Objective studies demonstrate that these pills have a potential abortifacient effect if they prevent implantation of the embryo.

Life Network notes that the Joint Committee made it an obligation that licenses for MAP be issued only after the necessary medical and ethical studies are carried out. There is clear scientific evidence, as presented to the conjoint Parliamentary committee, that MAPs are mostly abortifacient. Therefore, if a Marketing Authorisation for a MAP were to be issued, the Licensing Authority may be held accountable for producing the unbiased studies showing the sound scientific evidence upon which the decision was based.

Finally, Life Network wishes to express its support and appreciation to those Members of Parliament who have shown themselves willing to defend life from conception to natural death. The value of life is inherent to us all, irrespective of the circumstances in which conception occurs.



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  1. Yes this is a very valid statement that since abortion is illegal in Malta whoever prescribes or dispenses map is committing a crime since map is scientifically proven to be abortifacient.

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