Press Release from One of Us Federation regarding the 7th edition of the Week for Life at the European Parliament

The One of Us Federation claims in the European Parliament the urgent need of our society to defend and protect human life, women and maternity

Brussels, March 23rd 2017. The One of Us Federation has participated in the 7th edition of the Week for Life at the European Parliament in Brussels. As in previous years, the One of Us Federation has had a special presence and participation in the European Parliament raising the voice, through the delegates of the organizations of the different countries that meet each year in the seat of the Parliament and whose main mission is the defence and protection of life.

Throughout this session the One of Us Federation, through a wide participation of the delegations of the different countries, has made it clear in the seat of the European Parliament – and therefore in the seat of the European citizens – through its representatives, that the defence and protection of human life and women in their motherhood are matters of concern to the citizens of the different countries of the European Union. Likewise, the report of commercial practices which seek to take up positions in the EU countries, through surrogacy, has been clearly described as practices involving the commercialization of women, their maternity, and their child.

In different panels shown, the lack of protection of life is seen as evident, a life that, today more than ever, is attacked in its different stages: the embryonic stage and the final stage of it. The need for protection of women in their maternity, as the great neglected by public authorities, shows how essential the involvement of social organizations that every day provide assistance, in different areas, to women in their maternity is.

Thus, in the absence of solutions by public authorities, the mediation by member organizations of the One Of Us Federation to support, and protect women in the various EU countries has become absolutely necessary and urgent, at least until the institutions decide to take concrete and effective measures to protect motherhood.

The One of Us Federation publicly states its concern about the practices that leave human life unprotected, and asks the public authorities for their urgent intervention so that the development of our societies should be based on their progress through the protection of Fundamental human rights, whose maximum expression is the defence of human life.

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