Pro-life Malta’s third Great Siege begins

As the battle continues across Europe and the World, journalist Hilary White, mentioned Malta as the last European country standing when it comes to opposing abortion.

White speaks on how when she first started working within pro-life back in 1999, Malta along with Poland and Ireland were the last three European countries standing. However, recently, after meeting with the leaderships of the Maltese pro-life movement, she was informed that Malta is currently the last country standing to outlaw abortion.

White explains how in Poland, abortion became legal in 1993 in cases of ““when pregnancy constitutes a threat to life or to the health of the pregnant woman,” in cases where the unborn child is “irreversibly damaged” or seriously ill, and where there is a “justified suspicion” of the pregnancy being the result of rape.””

Ireland “brought it in under “strictly limited circumstances” last year, and the campaigners are hard at work to get rid of those “limits” as soon as possible.” White continues explaining.

So how did pro-life Malta sand so strong?

See source article, taken from Blogger Hilary White’s ‘ Pro-life Malta’s third Great Siege begins: will they stand strong?

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  1. Actually, I informed them.

  2. On a recent visit to Malta I came across this beautiful & in lightening website. Being an American Maltese & pro-life supporter myself , I’m here to tell a story. As you know here in America abortion is legal, not only is it legal but you can also get a late term abortion. Thanks to a president and his cronies who don’t care about anyone or anything besides there political gains. We have now …over 47 million abortions and counting. What a sad state America is in.

    Anyway heres a cute story of true love between three little boys and they’re grandmas & grandpas ( nana & nanu). All three boys born from difficult circumstances. I was at the beach in Malta with friends and friends of friends and lots of talking and noise. Through it all I was looking at these three boys thinking to myself these boys are having the time of there lives! One grandma cuddling her grandson & then playing with him in the sand. She is a single women struggling in life but this baby lights up her world. Another grandpa with his grandson playing baby soccer with him. By the way this grandpa is battling cancer. The last boy swimming in the sea with no signs of getting out. He’s having a ball! His grandma and grandpa were on the brink of a separation but then this baby came along and changed everything for them, there marriage is as strong as ever! I said to myself….how sweet these little boys are. There was so much love all around! It was such a fun day for these boys and they’re families.

    Then I thought to myself this would have never happened if this was America or any other country where abortion is legal. These three little boys wouldn’t have existed…period. Life is about love and without love it’s nothing. How many women, fathers,grandmas, grandpas, aunts , uncles and friends are missing out on so much love in there lives all because of so many abortions around the world. Thank God so far….in Malta abortion is still illegal. Let’s pray to God this little tiny island called Malta stays this way. We now must spread the word around the world that abortion kills. It kills lots of love too.

    1. Thanks for sharing and for your comments. We will put this comment on the website as it is beautiful and worth sharing. Love is what makes life find its value and every single life is full of love. Perhaps in the depths of our difficulties is the place where we truly understand this. Abortion or any killing robs all involved that chance. Thanks.

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