Science, truth and goodness by Peter Cassar Torreggiani

Science and technology could help advance man’s future in truth and goodness, but the opposite can also happen if professionals don’t really care about right and wrong. So would it do good to use Parliament to facilitate the use of pills that can undermine the processes of childbirth in the name of love?

Wouldn’t this be dangerous for democracy, as when citizens are corrupt they do harm to one other in a widespread fashion? Even if it’s true that the facts at the beginning of human life are not so clearly discernable, nonetheless what goes on beforehand indicates the life of virtue.

For instance, in prostitution a third factor in the person of a pimp is often involved even if not immediately apparent. Are the science and technology of the big pharmaceutical companies taking over the role of the pimp through the provision of pills, altering the natural biological process of the interaction of male and female bodies? Is this that dangerous combination of sex and violence?

Good governance prefers to promote the life of virtue, where peace and prosperity reign through the agreement of wills. Indeed it is this global civilisation of love towards which Malta should be inclining the soul of Europe. For what is really to be discovered in the cultural contrasts of moral relativity is the truth about personal relationality, whether it be about money and power or sexual intimacy.

Albeit being so miniscule an island, yet our true happiness as humans can help seek out the latent joy of true love in choices being made in respect of another’s body.

Through this element of sublime relationality, what is to be discovered is true interpersonal communion in its infinite intimacy, where time, space, and attendant emotions can indeed take life into a different dimension of existence, albeit fleetingly.


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