Slipping into dictatorship by Christopher Attard

Once again, the far-left lobby groups demonstrate utter contempt towards a free, meritocratic society, now in the tremendously serious form of prospective legislation. The misleadingly named Equality Act as well as the Human Rights and Equality Commission Act (2015) are being promoted as solutions to legal deficiencies in equality and discrimination in the workplace and employment in general – it’s safe to say that they are anything but.

If this sounds alarming, it’s because it is. This is nothing short of authoritarian legislation being shamelessly, and possibly even insidiously portrayed as a force for good, when it is in fact the exact opposite. This is very urgent business and I urge you to not take this lightly if you value your basic liberties.

Simply browsing through the initial pages makes it patently obvious that this is a real-life manifestation of George Orwell’s 1984. First of all, the whole concept of innocent until proven guilty is turned on its head, making the burden of proof fall upon the accused. Secondly, the vague nature of this document is an open invitation for rampant lying, corruption and abuse. But you needn’t worry, the dear leader (chairman) has absolute power to dismiss you, if he so chooses (hopefully you’ll find him in a good mood).

Upon closer inspection of the ambiguous and ineptly written definition of terms, it is not at all unlikely for one to retract in dismay and disbelief. For example, ‘harassment’ – “shall be deemed to occur where an unwanted conduct related to one or more of the protected characteristics laid down under this Act, has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person and of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”.

Well one thing is definitely clear – anything you do can be deemed as harassment, and you (the accused) have to prove it’s not. And these documents are riddled with unclear, nebulous nonsense that is broadly open to interpretation and therefore extremely welcoming of abusers, liars and hypocrites.

And who is to be the arbitrator of what is offensive? After all, being offended is fundamentally subjective and next to impossible to provide evidence for. So how on earth can one adequately legislate for it? Let’s entertain the principles of this fundamentally immoral Bill in a more general understanding.

I find this Bill deeply offensive. Truly, it goes to the core of what I believe, attacking the very essence of my being. Now, while I have every right to be offended, I do not claim or expect to be given the right to legally prosecute people for offending me.

To think that a 22-year-old whippersnapper has to explain such a basic principle is not only unheard of, but extremely worrying. What level of incompetence (at best) or I dare say wickedness must one have to manage to dream up this kind of nonsense? Are these the sort of legislations we can expect from our esteemed activists?

I can carve a better document out of a banana than what these so-called equal rights groups can ever dream of 

And you need not worry as these ‘equality’ Bills come with their fully-fledged tribunals too, and you better believe they’re impartial because that’s what they say – when has that ever gone wrong?

Let’s just be clear, the appointed dear leader has widespread, unhinged authority to investigate, prosecute, judge and finally condemn an accused employer if he does not prove his innocence in front of his benevolent, no-doubt impartial judgement – a sort of divine North Korea, if you will.

In addition to our supreme leader, one of the main roles of this layered, dictatorial drivel is to “ensure that there is a balanced representation of men and women, and, as far as possible, a wide and pluralist representation of civil society”.

This is Marxism incarnate, and if you’re not worried, you should be. You see, whereas most people understand equality as being equal opportunity, the far left understands equality through equality of outcome, which is to say no equality whatsoever, as this cannot be achieved and has categorically resulted in socialist misery everywhere it has been enforced.

Also, it’s one thing saying that you should have an arbitrary 50-50 quota for men and women, but having a representation of society? What kind of lunacy is this? The very premise of these arbitrary quotas is entirely untenable, as why should a person’s genitalia have anything to do with their ability to fulfil their prospective job, don’t we have certificates for that? And how are 12 members supposed to represent all of society?

To give you one point of contact, I invite you to consider the new and approved feminist, science-free definition of gender, which has now seen more than 50 new “non-binary” genders introduced. This doesn’t seem very equal, now does it? Is this not discriminatory? Perhaps I identify as a fabulous “androgyne” – who represents me? My offence meter is rising.

This legislation is just an overt confession of Marxist, totalitarian, far-left, propaganda-made law, and the worst part is, these groups might not even think it is. The useful idiots of society march along in their echo chamber of groupthink to that which inevitably leads to totalitarianism, and they may not even know it.

These documents are so vague as to enshrine in law any perceived offences by alleged victims and even “an intention to offend”, which is the very definition of a thought crime – if you think it, you’re just as guilty as if you had done it. George Orwell must be rolling over is his grave as we speak.

If you’re feeling a sense of ease knowing that this is directed at employers, you shouldn’t because every employee is directly affected by this – as employers will have to abide by anti-meritocratic legislation, lest they be prosecuted for not reaching their arbitrary quotas (among many other things). Indeed, I can carve a better document out of a banana than what these so-called equal rights groups can ever dream of. What an absolute farce, one that would see us all slaves to its insidious rule.

We stand on the precipice of fundamental changes to our way of life. Should this Bill pass, who is to say that this does not spill over into all Maltese law? The whole premise this legislation is built upon is wholly antithetical to the open marketplace, and we should be very worried about it.

Every utopia is approached through a sea of blood and is ultimately never realised. Make no mistake, this is very urgent business – so I implore you to resist it while you still can, before the right to complain is also taken away from you.

Christopher Attard is a staunch advocate for free and open inquiry.


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  1. Brilliant exposition of the sinister garbage we have to put up with.
    This is definitely ‘il colpo grosso’. Prosit Christopher.

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