The malevolent agenda

The fact that Edwin Vassallo chose to vote against the Domestic Violence Bill should have been a wake-up call for our MPs.

Nationalist Party MP Vassallo has made a name for himself by risking his political career when he defied the imposition of the then party leader Simon Busuttil, to disallow MPs to vote according to their conscience on the issue of ‘gay marriage’.

The proposed Domestic Violence Bill sounds nice and the government propaganda machine presented it in the most glowing of terms. Obviously, tighter and harsher laws against domestic violence are welcome and underscore that society should fight violence, domestic or otherwise.

Yet, embedded in this fine-sounding Bill lies a sinister agenda that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with domestic violence. After all, the current laws in Malta are more than adequate to address this issue. So, one should ask, why the proposed change, and why the urgency?

The very least the people can expect from their representatives in Parliament is that before voting on a Bill, parliamentarians take their responsibility seriously enough, to read the proposed legislation, understand it and study its implications most carefully.

It is mind-boggling if not outright scandalous that time and time again, laws that impact the core values of society are rushed through without time for reflection and debate. By now, it should be blindingly obvious that the government is infiltrated with activists who have a well-defined malevolent agenda.

Under the guise of the smokescreen of positive slogans championing equality, freedom, inclusion and what have you, lies a deliberate strategy to undermine values that have underpinned our society for centuries. 

The Domestic Violence Bill intentionally excludes clear protection of the unborn child, fortifies further the gender ideology and for good measure usurps the right of parents to raise their children according to their religious and ethical convictions.

Various people writing in the press tell us that these changes might have been inadvertently included and it is just a matter of proposing a few amendments to correcting the shortcomings to make the Bill acceptable. Following what has happened with previous legislation, this is very doubtful.

For instance, it is shocking that the Istanbul Convention will now accuse and punish parents who refuse to have their children indoctrinated with controversial sex education and teachings that bring into question and deny the biological reality of male and female.

A previous attempt to peddle books promoting homosexuality in schools were aborted mainly thanks to Ivan Grech Mintoff who alerted parents to what was afoot and marshalled a vigorous public reaction.

The Domestic Violence Bill, as it stands, goes a step further. It even adds changes to the Istanbul Convention itself, making matters even worse. To pretend that such changes to the Istanbul Convention in this drafted Bill were made inadvertently beggars belief. By now, only an ostrich could fail to see the well-crafted programme that is steadily trying to further whittle away legal safeguards of life and the traditional family.

It is most disheartening that only Vassallo bothered to do his homework and expose the rot. Now that he has done so, one expects all our MPs to follow suit, examine the Bill with a magnifying glass and go through it with a toothcomb.

In turn, it is the responsibility of all people of goodwill to be acutely vigilant. It is of crucial importance that the public is enlightened by being informed of what is actually going on.

Klaus Vella Bardon is deputy chairman of Life Network Foundation Malta.

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