The Thin Edge of the Wedge

We are facing a flood of refugees on a biblical scale due to unprecedented levels of brutality and religious and racial intolerance. The corruption of the food chain by multinationals hardly elicits response. On the contrary, the EU, behind closed doors, abets the interest of Big Money which play no small part in bringing about the mess we are in.

Yet, issues related to abortion and so-called ‘gay rights’ are picked up by the EU and reacted to with a singular fanaticism that beggars belief.

The EU now puts pressure on Paraguay to legalize abortion over the case of a pregnancy in a 10 year old girl resulting from incestuous rape.

Sadly, Alfred Sant did not vote against this unsolicited interference of the EU.

He claimed that he did not vote in favour out of respect for the anti-abortion sympathies of the vast majority of the people who voted him into the EU parliament.

Thank God at least, and as yet, if principles do not count, public opinion might have a positive influence.

Rape is a heinous crime, especially when carried out on such a young person and by a relative to boot.

This, however, does not diminish by one iota the right of the innocent foetus to life.

If the pregnancy places the mother at risk and a decision has to be made that might result in the death of the baby; that is a totally different issue.

God forbid that the right to life is determined by a vox pop of uninformed people who react to such issues emotionally.

Life deserves much stronger safeguards than the being at the mercy of the whims of the crowd that can be manipulated by the persuasive skills of crafty and unscrupulous politicians. 

On the other hand, we must thank David Casa for his unequivocal stand against abortion whatever the situation.

However, there is no room for complacency.  Let us not fool ourselves into thinking that life issues are at risk only with politicians of the Labour Party.

Indications that laws on IVF are up for review indicate that pro-life issues are at risk.

Our political class is just parroting what has happened elsewhere in Europe and are just using salami tactics, an incremental modus operandi, to wipe out values that were once the heritage of our country. 

It is of the utmost urgency that public opinion is made aware of what is at stake.


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‘Abortion would have saved the life of this innocent child’ – Alfred Sant



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  1. Abortion is always the killing of a life by someone who has no more right to live than the intrauterine child itself. Through their complete vulnerability the intrauterine child is totally at the mercy of the abortion practitioner. The statement that Dr Sant supported (about the so-called inalienable right of bodily integrity and autonomy of the woman) totally ignores the bodily integrity of the child whose life is destroyed by the abortion. The difference between the mother and the intrauterine child is not one of the value of their lives, but of the extreme vulnerability and dependency of one on the other. The mother’s ability to make an autonomous decision (I want, I can, therefore I will abort) does not give the mother power over the child’s life or moral justification.

    Since all adults have lived through all stages of intrauterine life how is it that some continue to devalue it? It is like a total denial of our past. It could be due to a lack of imagination but more likely it reflects the tendency of modern society to prey on its most vulnerable members. Society however has a duty to value its most fragile members and enact laws for their special protection. As the only EU country that disallows abortion, Malta needs to show other EU countries how vital it is to treasure intrauterine life under any circumstance. We need representatives who will strongly convey this message and help craft new laws to spread the best of our Maltese culture throughout Europe.

    Dr Patrick Pullicino

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