Those Catholics for Choice – Tonio Fenech

In no uncertain terms, there is nothing Catholic in the US pro-abortion funded lobby group called Catholics for Choice featured by your paper on the March 3.   I do not like bringing in religion into the abortion argument, as I believe that recognising the inherent dignity, equal and inalienable rights of all human beings at whatever stage of life is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace.

However, I cannot accept that this US lobby group created to purposely present religiously warped arguments to confuse Catholics cannot remain unmasked.

Catholics for Choice are no pious organisation, they are a US lobby group created by the strong financial powers supporting abortion in the US and worldwide, and dressed in a Catholic garment, to create confusion among Catholics who oppose abortion because of the love God gave us for humanity, including the child in a mother’s womb.

There are powers from inside and outside of Malta that are intent on creating a debate on abortion, stir doubt and change Maltese public opinion that today is convinced that abortion is a wrong and expects its leaders to stand up in international fora and say so with heads held high.

Richer countries see overpopulation in the poorer countries an economic and security threat to their well-being and pushed the United Nations to promote contraception and abortion as a means of population control.   This is why foundations the like of the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Playboy Foundation, and Soros’s Open Society Foundations to mention a few fund so aggressively pro-abortion lobby groups like the one Amanda Ussak represents, because abortion is not about woman’s rights as the lobby groups they fund try to make us believe, abortion is about bigger economic interests to which they pertain.

Malta, Ireland, other countries, Christians, other religions and pro-life people in countries that have legalised abortion, form part of the world’s conscience that reminds humanity that abortion is a killing of the innocent.  These powers want to shut us up.

Our stand exhumes the guilt that they have buried under the false definitions of “potential life”, “choice”, “cells” as they look the other way of the crushed body of the innocent lifeless child in the bucket in an abortion clinic, whose life has been destroyed for bigger commercial interests.

What motivates Ussak from the US to assist in creating a debate in Malta on otherwise a non-existent issue (as the recent Maltatoday survey has shown), is the agenda set by these powers that finance her lobby group and who want every nation to become pro-abortion suiting their bigger interests.

These interests have nothing to do with women’s rights and even less with the few Maltese mothers that might find themselves in a situation of difficulty and need our tangible support and not selfish impositions.   See the UN’s indifference to the civilian killings and Syrian conflict, and other similar humanitarian tragedies and tell me what “choices” are women in these countries given.


The first principle of being Catholic is to accept the authority of the Catholic Church in one’s life.   Indeed, this is quite the opposite for this lobby group which actually in its website advocates that it “disagrees with the dictates of the Vatican” and “helps people and organisations confidently challenge the power of the Catholic hierarchy”.   If these people are Catholic, then a beef burger is a vegetarian meal.   This group is actually notorious for its failed attempt to downgrade the Catholic Church’s status in the United Nations.  The United States conference of Catholic Bishops has rejected this organisation’s claim to Catholic identity and describes it as “an arm of the abortion lobby”, as has that of Canada and Mexico where the lobby has been active.

For 25 years CFC was led by its founder Frances Kissling quoted as saying: “I spent 20 years looking for a government that I could overthrow without being thrown in jail. I finally found one in the Catholic Church.”  Great Catholic credentials.

Interesting while CFC claims to represent a majority of Catholics, this lobby group is actually not open to membership and meaning Catholics have no say.  Catholics are not allowed to join as members and participate in the group’s positions with the board appointed by the financial interests that support it.    How they claim to represent a majority baffles me.

Where is this majority of Catholics for abortion, I fail to find?  Not in Malta and not even in the US where this lobby group is founded, and where Catholics are notoriously known to be pro-life (for clarity’s sake, against abortion).

This lobby group relies on paid employees to promote abortion in a Catholic-looking wrapper.  In the US the strongest opponents to abortion are Christians especially Catholics and Evangelicals.  This organisation was purposely created by the pro-abortion foundations to create inroads with Catholics, which seems to become less and less successful.  It is interesting to note that it is the younger generation in the US that is becoming more pro-life.

Her arguments are even less Catholic.  When Catholics talk of conscience, we talk of a formed conscience that includes the knowledge and understanding of what the Church teaches on the matter and not its outright denial or resistance.

She claims to advocate abortion to enable women to live to their full potential.   Whose potential, definitely not of the child but also not of a pregnant woman who if supported would opt to retain the child that is within her.  With her argument the State should legalise all killings when the person killed is limiting someone else’s potential. A thinking derived from the law of the jungle and not civilisation.

The most appalling reason that Ussak put in favour of abortion is to claim that the unborn child “does not have a developed conscience or an understanding of Church and societal teachings to enable it to make decisions”, and therefore that life can be terminated.

Seriously? So according to Ussak, if you have an undeveloped conscience you can be killed?  Or whoever does not understand the Church and societal teachings has no right to life?  Since when one’s ability to make decisions is the criterion if one has a right to live or die?  Since when anyone has the right to decide who lives or who dies?  Surely not Catholics.  What Ussak is advocating is not Catholicism but Nazism.

With an annual budget of $3 million and financially backed by notoriously pro-abortion foundations such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and notoriously the Playboy Foundation, no wonder Ussak if finding the time to try and confuse the minds of Catholics in Ireland and Malta, promoting an agenda of death.   Truly the case of a wolves wearing sheep clothing.

Tonio Fenech is a former Nationalist Party minister.



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