Travesty of democracy – Klaus Vella Bardon

The amendments to the IVF Act has long been a forgone conclusion. Those of us who have been closely following the unfolding events that impact on life and the family have been well aware of this for some time.

Malta’s traditional respect for life and the family started unravelling with the divorce legislation.

The pattern of what followed has happened elsewhere. But the astonishing rapidity and depth of the changes in Malta have been simply breathtaking.

This has, no doubt, been due to the current leadership of the Labour Party. Because of its overwhelming majority at the polls, it has steamrolled its agenda without any qualms whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the Labour Party controls the allegiance of a sizeable section of the electorate who live on a diet of constant partisan propaganda coupled with a tribal attitude to political development. The party leadership is also totally amoral in exploiting special interest groups if this translates into votes, knowing that its hard-core supporters will not question the impact on the common good.

This plays into the hands of determined lobbies such as construction speculators, illegal boathouse owners, hunters and trappers, etc. This does not imply that the Nationalist Party were immune to such temptations, but not to such a degree.

Meanwhile, political power has intoxicated the likes of Chris Fearne who, with almost messianic zeal, shamelessly boasts about the impeccable social and democratic credentials he and his government uphold. He even had the effrontery to brag that widespread consultation led the government to make adjustments to the originally proposed amendments on IVF.

Malta is now saddled with a new form of totalitarianism, which has its roots in atheistic ideology

We must not be fooled by our country’s external trappings of democracy. The modus operandi of this government has been brazenly determined by the logic of power in every aspect of our country’s management. Yet, Fearne would have us swallow the nonsense that his government is inspired by the power of reason.

His article (June 20) is a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak.

The excellent editorial of the Times of Malta (‘Moral anarchy has set in’, June 22) tears to ribbons such pretentious claims.

The Labour Party’s capitulation to the agenda of the powerful LGBTQ lobby has been staring us in the face for a long time.

It explains why the legislation of surrogacy will be the next on the list. No doubt we will once again be subjected to the well-honed charade of fake debate, dialogue and consultation.

One need only refer back to the disgraceful legislation on the morning-after pill with the blatantly dishonest claim that it was simply a contraceptive. The management of the parliamentary debate was scandalous, with pro-life spokesmen being interrupted and cut short. This in sharp contrast with the time allotted to Anthony Serracino Inglott who was allowed almost 50 minutes to claim that MAP is solely a contraceptive.

Sadly, even on such a grave issue as IVF, the heartfelt plea of Malta’s President for a leisured and serious analysis for what is at stake fell on deaf ears.

Serious, detailed and scholarly representations by civil society, the public demonstration defending life, not to mention the numerous interventions by academia, the medical profession, etc. and even numerous appeals in the media were totally ignored.

What we are now experiencing is a travesty of democracy. As Fr Robert Soler said so eloquently in his article (May 5), we are being faced with the option of the strong. He concluded his article by saying: “The 2012 law [Embryo Protection Law] would be shamelessly deformed, its noble original purposes totally debased.” 

Malta is now saddled with a new form of totalitarianism which has its roots in atheistic ideology. With cunning and deceit, our core values that underpin the sanctity of life and the family are being gutted out.

In her landmark book Global Sexual Revolution, German sociologist Gabriele Kuby exposes this insidious and sinister strategy, which is sweeping across Europe.

Under the guise of bestowing life and unlimited freedom, the very foundations of authentic democracy and freedom are being destroyed.

Klaus Vella Bardon is deputy chairman of Life Network Foundation Malta.


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