Night to Shine Malta 2021

Night to Shine Malta 2021

The first Night to Shine Malta 2021 is set for Saturday 13th February at 6.00pm. The local virtual programme will feature diverse performers coming together as well and includes messages of hope for people living with disability. The transmission can be followed from private residences as well as the various homes for disabled persons. Our team of volunteers will also deliver free gift bags, on a first come, first served basis, to the first 150 people who register for the online event until Thursday 11th February by noon.

Night to Shine is an American Catholic/Christian initiative for people with disability sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The event loosely styled around a ‘prom night’ format, is organized annually around the time of Valentine’s Day and in it people with various disabilities, stemming from all walks of life, are invited to come together to celebrate their lives.

Tim Tebow Foundation in collaboration with Life Network Foundation Malta 

The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to serving and celebrating people with disability. Set up by American football player, Tim Tebow, the foundation is increasing its outreach via four key initiatives: Night to Shine, Shine On, International Education & Resource Centers, and International Special Needs Coalitions. The Foundation, far from being merely a window dressing event, is committed to providing life’s essentials as well as spiritual care for homeless and abandoned children around the world in addition to children with profound medical care needs. It is also working to fight against human trafficking in all its’ forms.

7th Edition of Night to Shine 

Night to Shine 2021 will, this year, celebrate its seventh anniversary! Last year’s event saw 721 churches across the USA and 34 countries from around the world come together on one night to host Night to Shine for approximately 110,000 honoured guests through the support of 215,000 volunteers! This year, although Night to Shine 2021 will be limited to a virtual experience due to COVID-19, we remain pleased and excited at the prospect of serving and celebrating with as many people with disabilities as possible in this new and unique way!

Today we live in a society that embraces diversity and offers opportunities to all. However, for the person living with disability, life can often be harsh and very lonely. Family members need support too. Pregnant women with a negative prenatal diagnosis face fear of the unknown and need support. Social communication, solidarity, and encouragement as well as hope can help to make the lives of all these individuals that little bit easier.

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