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As the battle continues across Europe and the World, journalist Hilary White, mentioned Malta as the last European country standing when it comes to opposing abortion.

White speaks on how when she first started working within pro-life back in 1999, Malta along with Poland and Ireland were the last three European countries standing. However, recently, after meeting with the leaderships of the Maltese pro-life movement, she was informed that Malta is currently the last country standing to outlaw abortion.

White explains how in Poland, abortion became legal in 1993 in cases of ““when pregnancy constitutes a threat to life or to the health of the pregnant woman,” in cases where the unborn child is “irreversibly damaged” or seriously ill, and where there is a “justified suspicion” of the pregnancy being the result of rape.””

Ireland “brought it in under “strictly limited circumstances” last year, and the campaigners are hard at work to get rid of those “limits” as soon as possible.” White continues explaining.

So how did pro-life Malta sand so strong?

See source article, taken from LifeSiteNews.com Blogger Hilary White’s ‘ Pro-life Malta’s third Great Siege begins: will they stand strong?

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