A Helping Hand in the Midst of a Crisis Pregnancy!

A Helping Hand in the Midst of a Crisis Pregnancy!

Life is never plain sailing! Many times, you are cruising along without a care in the world, when an unexpected wave hits you. It may be a small wave, one which you overcome easily by yourself or with the help of your loved ones. But sometimes, you get hit by a huge squall, a storm that leaves you breathless, out of your depth—and, worst of all—feeling alone!

And in those very moments, what you truly need is a Life Line Malta!

Your period is late—and you do not know who to turn to.

You are the victim of abuse, and you’re terrified you might be pregnant.

You are being pressured into having an abortion—and you’re not sure what to do.

You were raped—and you need to reach out.

You had an abortion, and you need to talk to someone about it.

Your pregnancy test is positive—and you are too young, too old, too broke, too alone, too scared.

In short, you have been hit by a crisis!

And this is where Life Line Malta comes in.

Life Line Malta is a service within a pro-life non-governmental organization – Life Network Foundation Malta. The foundation advocates that all human life is valuable and unique , from the moment of conception all the way to natural death. It provides the full resources and authentic information that a person may be seeking when facing an unexpected crisis.

Not every pregnancy is planned or even welcome. It can occur when a woman least expects it; when a girl is still at school; when a baby is the last thing that is wanted. It may be a result of abuse, incest, or violence. A pregnancy may be planned but medical complications affecting either mother or child can lead to a crisis. The news that the baby in the womb may have a disability, other medical complications or a low survival expectancy, either in the womb or after being born, can be overwhelming for the parents.

These and other situations signify a crisis pregnancy. Each pregnancy varies, and every woman may—or may not—experience life-shattering circumstances.

Whatever your situation, Life Line Malta will provide the necessary support.

Life Line’s mission is to endorse every human life from conception to natural death. We aim to help empower every person to make life-affirming choices. We provide the practical, psychological, and material assistance that a woman may need when her world is collapsing about her. And we do this by always prioritising life, both for the woman and the baby!

Life Line offers confidential care, friendly and professional support, and a safe environment for women and all those in need, not only during the pregnancy but also beyond by providing aftercare for the client until they become self-sufficient enough not to require it any longer.

Services offered include:

Life Line also operates a shelter, Dar Tghanniqa T’Omm (Mother’s Embrace Home), for women facing crisis pregnancies. This home provides accommodation as needed, as well as full support and assistance from a skilled team of counsellors and volunteers, throughout the pregnancy as well as after.

Life Line always seeks to safeguard both the woman and the baby.

Women and girls in these troubling situations need proper care, love, and support. They require help to deal with their situation and to move on with their life in a way that prioritises their general wellbeing and health. And this cannot be done if one of the choices presented to them is a procedure which not only terminates the life of the baby, but leaves long-lasting physical and psychological effects on the woman.

Life Line offers all this to women during this most critical time in their lives. Experience has repeatedly shown that women and girls are, in fact, a lot stronger then they may initially believe themselves to be and that this process of empowerment provides the nudge needed to control their situation and overcome the difficulties that accompany it.   

This is why we, as a pro-life organisation, will not offer referrals for abortions, not because we want to take away a woman’s right to choose, but because the choices we provide take proper care of both the woman and the baby—at all times! And we will also assist and support any woman or girl who is considering, or has had, an abortion and who comes to us for help

(I would rephrase this as follows  :- )

This is why we, as a pro-life organisation, will not offer referrals for abortions   –  not because we wish to limit any woman’s choices but because we believe in presenting choices that are genuinely intended to provide optimum care for both woman and child – at all times !

And we will also assist and support any woman or girl who is considering or, indeed, has had an abortion and who comes to us for help.

Life Line Malta may be contacted through a variety of options.

When you contact us, you will first speak with our trained listeners, who will assess your needs and offer guidance. If further help is required, they will connect you with our professional counsellors.

All our forms of contact are confidential and anonymous.

Life Line Malta aims to provide a warm, friendly interface to help empower people to make life-affirming choices. We offer non-judgmental care and support to people in need, and although we are a faith-based centre, we do not impose our faith on any who may seek our help.

We believe that women are strong and resilient in the face of adversity. If you are pregnant and feeling alone and overwhelmed, we want to give you hope. By offering you the right support and encouragement, we know that you can choose life.

Let us hold on to the beauty of life—all the way from conception until natural death!










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