reports: Calls for law to stop anti-abortion protests outside clinics

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is calling for new laws to move anti-abortion protesters from the doorstep of its clinics.

BPAS, one of the UK’s main abortion providers, has told Newsbeat some patients are being confronted by graphic content.

These include large posters and leaflets with pictures showing dismembered foetuses.

But anti-abortion groups, like Abort67, say they are “educating” the public.

Department of Health figures for 2013 suggest there were 185,331 terminations in England and Wales.

“We’ve really asked protesters to think a lot harder about the kind of activity that they’re undertaking outside clinics,” says BPAS spokeswoman Clare Murphy.

“We completely respect people’s right to protest, but we simply feel that approaching women, causing them harassment and distress at what’s already quite a difficult time in their life, really isn’t right.”


BPAS is now campaigning for the Government to create “access zones” outside British abortion clinics to help women access them without be confronted by pro-life protesters.

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