Beware the Trojan Horse

The prospective Bill on ‘gender identity’ is the next move in the shabby scheme to undermine the family. The assault on the unassailable concept that a family is made up of a man and a woman has a long gestation. The powerful transgender and homosexual organisations have been working assiduously to influence public policy into discarding this self-evident reality.

We have now reached the ridiculous situation that any assertion of the obvious, that a family is formed by a man and a woman, is now branded as being homophobic. The very idea of a family is being destroyed and redefined. Anybody choosing to have a relationship with anybody irrespective of one’s sex can claim to be a family. The Bill on gender identity is the battering ram that will smash down what’s left of the integrity of marriage and the family. Divorce legislation was the first blow that knocked out the crucial significance of marriage. The dire warnings that divorce legislation was the precursor of further legislation that would further undermine marriage and the family have been proved right.

The next stage was set when the legislation of civil union was deceitfully coupled with the introduction of gay adoption. Shockingly, this controversial and far reaching law has gone through almost unchallenged. This ‘gender bill’ is now the Trojan horse that will subvert any notion that previously upheld the true meaning of what is a family. In short, marriage between homo­sexuals will be legalised by default.

Yet, even more is at stake. Young people are now entitled to decide their gender irrespective of their biology. We are no longer created male and female. Sex-related genes of xx and xy are now irrelevant. According to the Bill, one can choose one’s sex. The strategy to break down the time-honoured value of sexuality is being realised.

Unbelievably, this virulent attack is promoted and supported by the United Nations and other inter­national agencies as a result of the libertarian and contraceptive culture that is suffocating the West. This insidious campaign lies at the heart of the so-called sex education that also includes the active promotion of homosexuality in young people.

One need only examine the shameful website on sexual health adopted by our government in December 2013.

We should all know where this leads to. Now, the child is no longer the fruit of the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. The child is no longer entitled to have a mother and a father. The child is now an object to which anybody and everybody has a right. Abortion, sperm donorship and surrogate motherhood will be the next consequence of these developments.

A nation that destabilises marriage and the family is doomed. No worthy civilisation has a future if the meaning of male and female is immaterial, if marriage means nothing, if it is of no consequence whether marriage vows are upheld or not.

Society depends on the stable sexual unions of man and woman that provide the necessary innate security for children. For this reason alone, society should have an interest in protecting marriage.

The government claims that it will listen to public opinion. One wonders if there is a public opinion to listen to. We all seem to be sleep walking into any alien social framework fashioned by people who have only their narrow, selfish self-interests at heart.

Unfortunately, most people with families don’t have the time and money to become political activists. Most of the people who do have the time to be political activists don’t have families; the laws these people lobby for with great success represent special interest groups, but they do not represent the interests of that general interest group, the family.

As a result, most laws are very much anti-family and against the common good.

This prospective Gender Identity Bill will lead to the redefining of relationships and marriage. It will radically alter the nature and meaning of a fundamental institution so vital to society’s wellbeing.


Klaus Vella Bardon

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