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SUPPORT – Life Line Malta

Life Line Malta is a crisis pregnancy support service providing a 24 hour chat line (lifelinemalta.eu), easy access by phone to skilled listeners and one to one professional counseling. Our mission is to provide a warm, compassionate and practical interface to help empower people make life-affirming choices. We address crisis pregnancy, negative prenatal
diagnosis .We also provide confidential post abortion healing.

Crisis Pregnancy

If a girl/woman is pregnant and is confused, worried or needs support, our skilled listeners and professional counselors can walk with her and/or her family. Easy access to accurate and helpful information in a compassionate environment can make all the difference.

Negative prenatal diagnosis

Pre-natal medical complications today are increasingly being detected early in pregnancy and may be equally devastating to face. Life Line Malta offers to support mothers in these difficult situations and we walk with the mother throughout the pregnancy and after as the case may be.

Post abortion healing

Abortion leaves victims and most often problems surface long after the procedure is done. Women and men involved suffer in silence. Life Line Malta offers Save One Courses, providing post abortion healing.

Tgħanniqa ta’ Omm Maternity Home

Life Line Malta is in the process of establishing a home to offer accommodation to mothers who find themselves needing a home during and/or after pregnancy .The residential programme runs for a period of one year.