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The Matic Report-Making a Mockery of Human Rights 

On the 24th June 2021, the European Parliament held a vote about a controversial report presented by Croatian MEP, Predrag Fred Matić. The motion was for a resolution within the European Parliament on the situation regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the EU and calling all member states to ensure full access to them.

The report places an emphasis on women’s health and the importance of access to all essential services, including but not limited to contraception, abortion, maternal health, and fertility treatments. It also covers gender equality issues and gender-based violence, among other issues. The Matić Report went through with 378 votes in favour and 255 against, with 42 abstentions–a result that clearly shows that this matter is one of high contention.

So, who is Predrag Fred Matić?

The MP and advisor to Croatia’s President is a war veteran and a former Minister of War Veterans. He is a keen advocate for equality, inclusion, and peace. In fact, his professional endeavours include the continuous protection of human rights at the highest levels.

Matić referred to the 24th of June as a “historic day”, stating that he is “proud that the majority of our house is recognising that, in the 21st century, we must no longer treat women as second-class citizens, but respect their feelings and freedoms, and make sure all women across Europe deserve access to healthcare.”

According to the Matić Report, abortion is to be considered a human right.

In his report, Matić criticised member states for their restrictive laws with regards to abortion. He called this “a violation of human rights and a form of gender-based violence”. His report claims that “all individuals have a right to make decisions governing their bodies”. However, when a woman is pregnant, her body is not the only one in the equation, and therefore, she has no right to terminate the life of the separate, developing body in her womb.

In fact, abortion has never been recognised as a human right by international treaties. The right to life is the most basic right, without which all other rights are futile. Every human being has the right to live, even if that person is still inside the womb. It is actually quite bizarre that a human rights activist would so carelessly dismiss the life of a person who is yet to be born, but who is still a human being—with rights as well!

Yes, a woman has a right to healthcare, but not at the expense of another life.

The result of the vote has no legal value, because it is purely symbolic. The European Parliament is not a medical institution and, therefore, has no competence to make such a crucial decision with regards to healthcare. Furthermore, abortion has nothing to do with reproductive health. When a woman goes to have an abortion, reproduction has already occurred. And there is nothing healthy about a procedure that terminates one life and risks affecting the other adversely, both physically and psychologically.

The Matić Report also seeks to remove the right of conscientious objection that doctors and medical professionals call upon when they consider a procedure to be detrimental to their patient’s health. It is disrespectful—and disturbing—to force people forming part of this esteemed career to go against what the medical profession seeks to attain—that of always striving to save lives, not terminate them! This has nothing to do with their own personal beliefs, but more to do with what these health professionals consider as the best and safest treatment for their patients.

EU member states should seek to promote healthcare which is more beneficial for women—and babies in the womb!

Rather than introducing or increasing access to abortion, EU member states would do better if they offered women safer alternatives to it. Increasing healthcare during pregnancy, offering aid to expectant mothers when they face financial or other setbacks, and promoting adoption and making it more accessible are all much better options than giving women the opportunity to do away with the baby in their womb.

No one is violating the human rights of a woman when abortion is not offered. On the contrary, her right to healthcare which is actually safe, comprehensive aid, and life-affirming choices would be presented to her as a safer alternative, as well as safeguarding the right to life of the innocent human being in her womb.

The Matić Report does not offer any of these safer opportunities.

Instead, it promotes a culture of death which not only harms our women’s wellbeing, but also demeans the medical profession and seeks to indoctrinate our children through the proposal of comprehensive sexual education in primary and secondary schools. This will in effect take away parents’ rights to educate their children themselves about sexual matters.

Let us not be misled by the lies that the Matić Report tries to present. Abortion is not healthcare, has nothing to do with reproductive health, and is definitely not a human right.

If it was indeed a human right, then what about the rights of the baby girl or boy in the womb?

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