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It is a myth that teenagers and young adults support abortion

In a survey that took place a few months ago, it was stated that the generation which is most predisposed to support abortion is the younger generation, specifically composed of millennials (loosely defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) and Generation Z (those born after 2000).

As people from both these generations, we write in unwavering support of a consistent pro-life ethic. We aim to challenge the myth that it is somehow obvious or unsurprising that teenagers and young adults support the pro-abortion position. Motivated by compassion, our position on this matter is that a society is only as humane and liberal as the extent to which it values all human life, whatever its stage, state or condition.

We sincerely believe that life is a gift to be lived, treasured and enjoyed. This being stated, the enjoyment of our own lives does not absolve us from accompanying and helping those who are burdened with hardship. On the contrary, it is in communion with those who suffer that true joy begins. To paraphrase the poetess Emily Dickinson, if we can ease one life the aching, we shall not live in vain.

However severe, hardship does not diminish the value of human life. Rather, it offers opportunities for a person to mature and become more sensitive to suffering humanity.

Building on this, we hold that the first and greatest fundamental right is the right to life. One need not be some eminent jurist to understand that unless one’s right to life is respected all other rights are meaningless. There must be equality in the enjoyment of the right to life. The taking of human life prior to birth, for whatever reason, is an egregious example of inequality and injustice. It unjustly discriminates against those of us still to be born.

We hold dear all expectant mothers in difficult situations and address them directly: your silent cries for help are heard

Human beings are naturally averse to the taking of life. However, in such situations, some frequently reason that abortion may be a necessary evil. We propose a bolder stand.

To choose to kill a child, born or yet to be born, is never an option. Statistics demonstrate that most of those who seek abortion do so because they are bereft of support and friendship. It is this lack of support that may lead a person to conclude that abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

We are the builders of the new, compassionate society. We hold that life itself has intrinsic and inestimable value. It is this core belief that motivates each of us to offer moral and material support to anyone who may be going through a tough time, be it due to unplanned pregnancy or some other situation.

As young professionals in various sectors and as students aspiring to contribute to society, we are committed to being points of light and beacons of hope. We reject the throwaway culture that mars our world as short-sighted and irresponsible. Most of us have direct, personal experience of caring for and accompanying people in need. We believe that children, whether born or yet to be born, deserve equal loving care.

This firm belief leads us to use our personal, professional and academic lives not just for our own advancement but for the betterment of others, particularly the most vulnerable. This is the only way of life that can defeat the throwaway culture of which abortion forms part.

Abortion is not defeated through legislation or debate. It is defeated through love. Specifically, it is defeated through love, concretely expressed. We do not accept that an expectant mother in the most desperate of situations can and should be told that if she aborts her pregnancy all will be well. All will most decidedly not be well.

Those peddling abortion in our country would have us believe that if a desperate mother is sent on an expenses-paid trip to a foreign abortion facility all will be well. This is a falsehood.

We hold dear all expectant mothers in difficult situations and address them directly: your silent cries for help are heard.

Reach out. Do not let anyone tell you that death solves your problems. It does not. We stand ready to help. You and your child are loved, valuable and necessary. Your child is not a problem but a source of hope and joy.

Pro-life Millennials and Generation Z – Michaela Agius, Michelle Attard, Phyllisienne Bugeja, Ryan Paul Camilleri, Maria Formosa, Edward Grech, Javan Grech, Sara Portelli, Bradley Sammut, Nicole Marie Sladden, Rebecca Spiteri and Edelgail Zammit

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Ref: https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/inestimable-and-intrinsic-worth-group-of-young-professionals-and.842637

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