Is The Church Being Heard?

Ian Grech’s outburst against the Church (‘Church’s voice is loud enough’, July 10) betrays a profound ignorance of elementary history & religion. 

Many of us are quite fed up of the continual baseless arguments against Christianity.

The Archbishop should not hesitate to proclaim the counter-cultural teachings of the Church, as they provide the key to happiness in this world and the next. We expect him to admonish and rally a flock that is dispirited, indolent, indifferent and largely ignorant of the Good News.

Meanwhile, Grech should realise that so many of the positive achievements we take for granted in Europe are the fruit of our Catholic roots. Unfortunately, the general lowering of standards in the teaching of history, literature and philosophy have led to a self-satisfied and so-called educated generation that have wretched standards. This is reflected in the nonsensical and offensive articles which choke the media.

Grech’s belief that divorce, the redefinition of marriage, with so-called ‘homosexual marriage’, and uncontrolled fertility treatment are the key to fulfilled and happy lives is a figment of his imagination. It is not supported by the realities that unfold.

The correspondent should question the children of broken relationships, the abandoned spouses and the children brought up in deliberately-designed dysfunctional environments. As for embryos… since they have no voice in our brave, new world, they can, unfortunately, be conveniently ignored. In this charming scenario, where might is considered to be right, Grech sees the Church as an obstacle to happiness.

Maybe our Archbishop should be concerned about such widespread ignorance and misinformation. It might be a salutary step if he would focus on future generations and ensure that our Church schools really do have a Catholic ethos. He should also take a close look at the Church-run media and ensure that they are used to the maximum to transmit the untarnished message of the gospel.

The Church PR should also make the effort to react to the unjust assertions, such as those by Grech, which so often continue to remain unchallenged.

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