Malta is now on the brink

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Malta stands on the brink of losing protection of human life from conception to natural death. As never before, Malta’s time-honoured traditions are under assault.

These past years, we have seen attempts to change the Embryo Protection Act in an attempt to introduce embryo freezing, egg and sperm donation as well as surrogacy.

The latest affront to life is the manner in which the proposed introduction of so-called emergency ‘contraceptives’ was handled. Touting international bodies, all of which are pro-abortion, their alleged experts twist facts to suit their agenda by arbitrarily declaring that drugs which harm the embryo before completion of implantation are not abortifacient, thus denying the undisputed scientific reality that new life begins at fertilisation.

Throughout, the strategy has been marked by the crass abuse of dialogue and lack of genuine consultation. Presentations at the conjoined parliamentary com­mittee were a waste of time as the agenda had already been set. Machiavellian underhand manoeuvring, abetted by powerful minority lobbies, has been the repeated pattern of action.

This relentless assault on the most fundamental value, the right to life, from conception to natural death, is not a casual happening but a deliberate and calculated political plan aimed to curry favour with a so- called ‘liberal’ section of the people who place their egoistic self-interests above everything else. Those of us who are aware of what is going on know where this is leading to.

It is for this reason that our NGO is doing its utmost to alert public opinion to what is at stake. It is now blindingly obvious that the vociferous so-called feminists, ‘humanists’ and anti-Christian lobbies are already clamouring for ‘pro-choice’ that deny that a person, in the earliest stages of life, as a fertilised ovum, has any rights.

As never before, Malta’s time-honoured traditions are under assault

What was inconceivable only a few short years ago is with us now. Abortion is on the cards.

Unfortunately, the public is largely uninformed and unaware of these far-reaching changes. The next attempt to introduce abortion will probably be based on the case of children conceived by rape. It has already been proposed that abortifacient drugs will be made available in hospital to women who are victims of rape.

An outstanding lawyer, Rebecca Kiessling, who will address a pro-life rally on Saturday, will, through her personal testimony, discredit the shameful argument that children conceived by rape lose the most sacred right: the right to live.

The inviolability of man ought to be an unassailable pillar of a civil society. Removing this most fundamental safeguard will open the floodgates that will justify the elimination of the most vulner­able, be they the aged, the terminally ill, the handicapped or the unwanted child.

Too many of us are resigned and defeatist, dismissing our responsibility in taking a stand against these uncalled for and imposed developments that do not even have a democratic mandate.

Public opinion counts. Such negative trends are not inevitable. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to make our voice heard. It is of crucial importance that we make ourselves conscious of the sinister agenda that is unfolding. This has already happened elsewhere when, by stealth and deceit, laws with sweeping consequences have been imposed.

A case in point is the scandalous manner in which abortion was legalised elsewhere. At long last, the USA is now challenging legalised abortion that has resulted in the elimination of countless millions. It is now realising the negative impact it had on the social fabric of society.

Malta is still in time to stop this corrosive trend before matters get much worse. It is for this reason that Life Network Foundation Malta, with the support of other pro-life groups, will be holding a candlelight march on Saturday (December 3) in Valletta.

It is an invitation for all of us to take a stand for life and show that we uphold this most vital value: the right to life.

Klaus Vella Bardon is deputy chairman of Life Network Foundation Malta.


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