Pro-Life People Will Sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics to Save Babies, Share Christ

Pro-Life People Will Sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics to Save Babies, Share Christ

With messages of hope and life, pro-life advocates plan to sing Christmas carols outside abortion facilities all across the country this December.

The Christian Post reports the “Peace in the Womb” caroling project has been going on for seven years, and, through their singing and encouragement, pro-lifers have helped save unborn babies from abortion.

“More than any other factor, it’s fear that drives a woman to seek abortion. Fear for her future, fear of giving birth, even fear over her partners’ reaction to her pregnancy,” said Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, in a statement. “These fears have been compounded by the COVID pandemic and resulting economic downturn.”

Though participation in pro-life sidewalk advocacy is down due to the coronavirus, Scheidler said pro-lifers in dozens of cities still plan to participate this year.

“So far, the number of locations is a little bit down this year because some places, particularly hard-hit states, we’ve had some of our leaders decide to either scale down the event or postpone it or wait until next year,” he told the Christian Post.

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He said they hope the Christmas carols will plant a seed in women’s minds that there is hope for them and their babies and there is forgiveness for those seeking abortions.

“It’s particularly sort of horrifying to think of a woman seeking an abortion at this time of year, when all of us are putting together Christmas lists and praying in preparation for Christmas and reflecting on the beauty of Mary and Joseph saying yes to our Lord and becoming parents, even in trying circumstances,” Scheidler told One News Now.

“Our mission is to bring the light of the incarnation, the light of the birth of Christ to this place of despair,” he added.

Though the carolers sometimes face “very aggressive” pro-abortion counter-protesters, he said they know that they are making a difference for life. He told the Post that, during one event in Jacksonville, Florida, a mother and daughter who came for an abortion heard the Christmas carols and had a change of heart.

“ … when they heard that we were there singing Christmas carols trying to appeal to the moms to choose life, the mom and daughter left the abortion clinic and then the pro-lifers followed up and found out that the girl had absolutely chosen to keep her baby,” Scheidler said.

Find a list of events here.


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