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Life Network Foundation is very concerned with the recent declaration by one of the members of the youth executive section of the Nationalist Party, MZPN, whereas he expressed himself in favour of ABORTION.  It transpires that this is not in line with the principles and values that the said Party has always believed in, based on Christian values which value the dignity of the person from its inception until natural death.  It is of note that a similar declaration has  recently been made by a high level exponent of the Labour Party.


Life Network Foundation believes that this declaration is another step in the attack on Christian values that Malta has always believed in, considering the recent legislation on gay adoptions and the Gender Identity Act that has seen unanimous approval in Parliament, and which implications of the Gender Identity Act have not been sufficiently explained to the Maltese people.


It appears that now an attack is being mounted on the silent life in the  womb, which life must continue to be protected.

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