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The international non-profit Federation has been established under the name of “ONE OF US European Federation for Life and Human Dignity”, abbreviated as “ONE OF US”.  “ONE OF US” Federation is apolitical and non-denominational.


The Federation pursues the following non-profit purposes:

(1) The unconditional recognition of the inherent and inalienable human dignity as a source of human freedoms and citizens’ rights. As such it should be inviolable and protected by all the public authorities.

(2) The development of a Culture of Life in Europe, through promoting and supporting activities that involve the advocacy of human life, particularly in his or her most vulnerable stages of development (conception and gestation, childhood, maternity, illness, disability, old age and end of life).

The Federation may undertake alone, or in collaboration with third parties, all activities directly or indirectly related to the MISSION described.

To learn more visit http://www.oneofus.eu/



If we want to prevail in the battle in which we are engaged, we consider it insufficient to adopt a merely defensive, negative, or obstructionist position. Rather, we need to have positive objectives. We also need an agenda that, if implemented, will change this world for the better. Such an agenda is described on this website under the heading ‘ON THE AGENDA’. And because the intention of this website is to address a mainly European audience, we have decided to call it AGENDA EUROPE