Malta – Soon to allow abortion? – DI-VE Editorial

Malta as a Catholic country is known that the people are believed to embrace its genuine beliefs and culture. While abortion has not yet been adopted in Malta, the idea of allowing abortion to come into place under certain circumstances seems to be growing rapidly.

Now, understandably, Malta is still the last country standing in the European Union which has not yet allowed abortion as it clearly states in its constitution the following:

“(1) Whosoever, by any food, drink, medicine, or by violence, or by any other means whatsoever, shall cause the miscarriage of any woman with child, whether the woman be consenting or not, shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term from 18 months to three years;” and
“(2) The same punishment shall be awarded against any woman who shall procure her own miscarriage, or who shall have consented to the use of the means by which the miscarriage is procured.”

Following’s two week poll, which managed to gather an amount of votes, it shows that while 55% stated that their position on the issue of abortion is to be prohibited in all circumstances, around 32% have stated that they believe that abortion should be legal under certain circumstances; like rape incest and to save the life of the mother.

The rest of the votes, 9% agree on having abortion legal under any circumstance and 3% were unsure as to where they stand on such issue.

Bringing back the fact that Malta, as a Catholic country, still remains the last to not allow abortion on any circumstance the question which currently burdens many minds is “How longer till we, as a country, follow the herd?”

It is understandable that the majority of those who voted, 55%, do not agree that Malta should adopt the idea of having abortion legal, however the 32% cannot go unnoticed.

That 32% clearly shows that while many still carry the idea that Life begins at conception, many are adopting the idea that if a child is conceived not willingly or that the mother is in danger of dying, it has no right to be born and the decision making of if the child should be ‘allowed’ to still have a beating heart is left in the hands of another person and not God.

Questions still remain which challenge every thinking mind. Who gave the right to any human being, who is of the same level of living as an unborn child, to end a life so abruptly? And why isn’t abortion considered murder when the life which has still not yet been born is willingly ended?

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