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The recent and unwarranted call by the Prime Minister to introduce gay marriage and the quick endorsement of the same by the Leader of the Opposition, is another blow against the institution of marriage.
Life Network Foundation, would like to set the record straight and point out to the main political leaders that the issue of gay marriage never featured in their respective parties electoral manifestos.

It is presumptuous of both party leaders to make such statements without political mandate.

Maltese people who still cherish the traditional values of life and family are feeling left out.

As a result, a substantial part of the population – that part that believes that marriage should only be between one man and one woman and open to life – is no longer upheld by the leaders of the main political parties.

Do Dr Joseph Muscat and Dr Simon Busuttil presume that a substantial part of the people can be ignored?

Life Network appeals to the general public and especially to MP’s on both sides of the house to make their voices heard in defence of marriage

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