Pro-Life Student Wing On Campus

The Pro-life foundation Life Network youth wing would like to cordially invite all the University staff students to visit their stand during Fresher’s week.

Life Network is a voluntary pro-life foundation just recently set up with a mission statement to promote and maintain a pro-life culture in Malta.

If we are to remain a country “free to choose life”, we cannot afford any complacency regarding protection of human life at any stage. The fundamental principle that all rights flow from the human person must remain at the heart of our society.

Peace cannot be taken for granted, lest we have war. The same is true with life. If we are not vigilant in protecting the intrinsic value of human life in all its stages, the anti-life mentality will creep in…… slowly but surely.

Malta remains the only country in the EU that fully respects human life from conception; however the unremitting pressure to comply with women’s so called ‘reproductive rights’ including abortion remains.

The pressures on Malta will keep increasing. How will we respond? It is not going to be easy, but…. if we do not prevail in our pro-life stance we face the lethal implications of abortion for the unborn child victims like most countries.

Please help us in our mission. Join us, help us, and donate towards our work.

Miriam Sciberras

BChD(Hons) MA Bioethics

Chairman Life Network


Help Us Help Life

Why Support Life Network?

We need your support in order to be able to spread the news on the value of life. Your donation will help us to educate people of all ages, organise pro-life seminars and buy books & materials to facilitate educate. Like every life is infinitely priceless, so is every donation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Life Network

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