Standing for embryonic fellows – Peter Micallef-Eynaud

Stand up for our embryonic fellow. Now is the time. More are hearing the anguished cry of our fellow embryonic human beings and discerning it to be the cry against inhumanity. Fore-planned embryo-freezing isthe cardinal criterion for inhumanity. Renounce it.

This was laid out in my article (May 18): the embryo is denied inherent humanity, declared to be “a blob of cells” of nicht-menschen status; the withdrawal of human status could be effected at any stage of life; the non-human being, is vulnerable to becoming a medical cobbler’s plaything; with eugenics, the human race becomes the plaything.

To those who deny the humanity of the embryo, I say the onus of proof of their hypothesis lies with them. They are to show incontrovertible proof of the (non-existent) “becoming human” point. All the scientific papers amount to nought when pitted against the reflection and logic of truly great minds and souls down the ages.   

Those who hide behind the diaphanous veil of “I don’t know” must heed the precautionary principle: when in doubt as to whether human or not, treat as human. “Do no harm” should have been branded on the medical student, as also “When in doubt, desist”.

I appeal to the goodness and nobleness of those in whose hands this matter of such monumental importance lies. Your legacy is in your hands.

Are you to be remembered for embryo-freezing, the heinous attack on a fellow human being? A human being is what the embryo is, whether you acknowledge it or not.  

It takes true greatness and leadership to admit to one’s error and change course.

Failure to do so is followed, sooner or later, by the downfall. Helicopter flying has an analogy. (I am a former military helicopter pilot too).

One can find oneself in an (air) updraught and enjoy the lift. Should this updraught be a powerful thermal the pilot must exit. Otherwise the helicopter, having been pushed high up into vortices and turbulent airflow, drops down in a dangerous downdraft.

Satan is like that. Dance with the Devil and he will drop you (and damn you). They say a feature of Hell is Satan’s mockery. 

Abortion is not round the corner; it is there before us, staring us in the face in all its evil ugliness. Abortion is what Hippocrates specified as ethically forbidden. Hippocrates had us take an oath.

The medical butchers (fellow members of the surmised Rogue College of Medical Cobblers and Butchers) are salivating in anticipation of opening up ‘abortoirs’ for their practice of scraping/sucking tiny human beings out of the womb and out of this world.

What an exquisite expression of care and ‘charitas’ of the sacred art of medicine. It is not so at all, not even for the mother involved. The honest and good woman involved will admit to “something dying in her”; her physical, psychological and spiritual milieu having been adulterated.

Screwtape (C S Lewis, The Screwtape Letters) must have held a banquet to celebrate the ‘victory’ in the Irish Republic. Children were celebrating the killing of children. Contemplate that. Coming to think of it, the breaking of cover must have alarmed the tacticians. Scenes like these could well alert deniers of the truth to the evil nature of the overarching strategy of the evil empire.

It is under test that one shows one’s true worth. Now is the time to prove your true worth. Save Malta’s soul

What a foul, putrid odour of necrosis emanates from the body of the Maltese nation. This nation, once Catholic, courageous and confident, repelled the evil empire in the form of Ottoman Islamism, Italian/German/French fascism and our nation rejected French tricoleur Jacobinism.

Among those who heroically did their duty in World War II were two doctors, who are the post-war predecessors of the prime minister and the minister of health. They would, without doubt, have been utterly appalled that the evil they resisted is coming to pass.

On June 5, 1958 (Corpus Christi, I believe) I received my First Holy Communion in Wales, and my maternal grandfather was buried in Malta. Relativism had not yet then taken root in the Catholic world. My grandfather, a surgeon, but first and foremost a doctor, would have been appalled at today’s situation. Relativism has taken root. Situation ethics is the common currency. Morals are “adulterated”. Faith is fading fast.

Faith and morals are conjugally related. So that an erosion in morals leads to an erosion in faith, and a lack of faith brings on an implosion of morals. You cannot give of what you do not have. You can only give of the type and quality that you do have.

If yours is a pick ’n’ choose morality and faith then that is what you pass on. You lack credibility and that is what the other will perceive in you.

The scandalous rebellion against, and rejection of, Catholic moral doctrine sets the pattern, derision and division, confusion and chaos, contradiction and civil war.

Nevertheless, there are today, by the grace of God, genuine, faithful and heroic clergy and laity who do pass on the true faith.

The situation report is a tale of lack of leadership. The situation is grave, but not hopeless. Be of stout heart and know that the stones will proclaim God’s truth and that good will triumph in the end. Satan is a liar and a loser. Will you end up with the winners or losers? Your destiny is in your hands. It is your choice.

Reject the lie. Embryo-freezing is not pro-life. For in pro-creating human beings you insult and assault the life of some of them. Every procurer of IVF babies must face the fact that she is the reason why some of her embryonic sons/daughters will be frozen, insulted and assaulted.

Now Malta, stand up for the embryonic human being. Some will ask: what can I do? The answer is… pray, promote, preach and petition.

Pray earnestly, and with faith, for our nation. Pray especially for all those involved in promoting/propagating/ pressing through Parliament and voting for the legalising/decriminalisation of embryo-freezing and its signing into law: that they desist.

To these I appeal. Stop and turn. Abdicate worldly office. Abandon worldly chattels and acclaim.

Be courageous. The courageous may suffer but one physical death and then gains glory. The coward suffers a continual stream of psychological and spiritual deaths day by day by day and are driven down into despair.

I would rather die standing than live on my knees.

Now Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, now is your chance for greatness. Renounce embryo-freezing as a procedural practice. Repeal the Act.

Now is the test that our St George Preca alerted us to. It is under test that one shows one’s true worth. Now is the time to prove your true worth.

Save Malta’s soul.

Peter Micallef-Eynaud is a medical doctor and a moral theologian.


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