Unborn children matter by Tony Mifsud

There is no way any magistrate, judge or group of judges in any court of law in Malta can disregard the right to life and good health of unborn children in Malta, at whatever stage of their gestation in the womb, when their life and health are threatened. This right is enshrined in eight Maltese laws.

This irrespective of how much two groups of women shout, selfishly and irresponsibly, only for the “rights of women to be protected”, whatever these rights may be, when there is human conception in a woman’s womb, even before, in vitro.

In this they are aided and abetted by the Civil Liberties Minister, herself a woman.

This despite the fact that the minister declared at the United Nations in Geneva in December 2013 that the Malta government is against abortion. Such a stance by these women shows an utter and callous disregard to the dignity of womanhood and the dignity of motherhood.

If, and when, these women take their claims to court, the Commissioner for Children should be the first to challenge their stand. It is her duty to do so as obliged by law.

It is also the duty of the Minister of the Family and of Aġenzija Appoġġ’s CEO to protect unborn children from any harm, and death. They are already protecting born children from neglect, abuse of any kind, and abduction out of Malta.

In the eyes of Maltese laws, the life of a child does not begin at birth. It begins at conception.

The protocol on abortion signed by the prime minister in 2004, when Malta joined the European Union, provides the legal certainty that EU law, present and future, cannot change Maltese law on abortion.

Our law courts cannot be turned into theatres of destruction and death, with magistrates and judges as main actors. I am sure these learned people do not want this to happen.

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